Dalvik versus ART benchmarks on a Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.2

Additional notes:

The SlingPlayer for Phones App by Sling Media, Inc.  now works with the ART runtime.  Sling updated their app, as shown in the screenshot below.

SlingPlayer for Phones now supports ART Android runtime

SlingPlayer for Phones now supports ART

There seems to be small bug in Lame4Android with Android 4.4 (both Dalvik and ART).  The file browser feature doesn’t work.  As a work-around, I specified the entire path to each file (/mnt/sdcard/….)

I switched back to Dalvik for my personal use, because the flashlight app that I use wasn’t compatible. However, all of the simple apps that I have developed work fine on ART. It’s just a matter of time before ART becomes the default runtime, and developers are forced to update the few apps that are incompatible.


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