How to take apart an Asus Eee PC 900HD


The Asus Eee PC 900HD still works fine as a netbook for web browsing. Based on what I have read on other websites, this model can also be used to run old versions of Mac OS X. I wouldn’t recommend this, because it’s not allowed in Apple’s software license, and the 1024×600 screen is not designed for OS X. I use my 900HD as a Linux server.

I wrote this guide, because I couldn’t find one for the 900HD. There are several similar models, but most don’t have a physical hard drive. I needed to disassemble my 900HD to clean the fan. After putting everything back together, I found that I need to replace the fan. It still makes a load rattling noise.

I took pictures with my camera and cell phone. That why the lighting seems to change. You can click on an image to bring up a double resolution version.

UPDATE 2013/04/13:

Last week the fan finally died.  The internal temperature of the netbook shot up to 85 degrees C, and I had to shut down the netbook.  I ordered a replacement fan on from La*Casse*Informatique (A.K.A. chips_4_cheap) for 8€.  It arrived the next day.  I installed it following the directions in this article, and the netbook and fan have been working fine ever since.

1 thought on “How to take apart an Asus Eee PC 900HD

  1. Antonio

    Thanks to share, I have problem with the Wifi card and try to find a manual to show where is it and how to open, again thak you so much, best regards.


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